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Just 34 miles north of the London, Luton has London’s fourth airport.

London Luton Airport is located two miles from the town centre. It serves largely places in Europe and N.Africa.

Most number of flights are operated by budget scheduled airlines(like EasyJet, Wizz, Ryanair and Vueling) and charter airlines (like TUI Fly and Thomas Cook).




London Gatwick Airport is the United Kingdom’s second busiest airport after London Heathrow. It is located in West Sussex, about 30 miles south of Central London. Gatwick serves a mixture of domestic, short-haul and long-haul destinations. It is a base for British Airways, Easyjet, Norwegian Air Shuuttle and Virgin Atlantic. Ryanair, Aeroflot, Cathay Pacific, Quatar Airways and Turkish Airlines are amongst the other other airlines that fly from Gatwick.

The airport has two termini, ‘North’ and ‘South’. All BA flights use the South Terminal, whilst all EasyJet flights use the ‘North’ terminal.


Luton To Gatwick By Train


There is a direct train route operated by Thameslink between Luton and Gatwick. However, there are three big disadvantages to using it.

Firstly, at Luton Airport you have to take a shuttle bus from the airport to Luton Airport Parkway railway station. The shuttle buses are often crowded.

Secondly, fares can be expensive, especially if you travel at peak times.

Thirdly, new Siemens trains have recently replaced the old rolling stock. One of the biggest complaints from passengers has been about how uncomfortable the ‘ironing board’ seats are. The journey time, without delays, is about an hour and a half.


Luton To Gatwick By Road


Luton Airport is 71 miles by road from Gatwick Airport. It’s a direct route by motorway on the M1, M25 and M23 motorways.

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